Posted by BMR in Brett Moffitt Racing on 10/11/2010
Hey everyone, how’s it going?  Well, I had a great weekend and week.  JGR called to ask me to go to the shop on Monday to take team photos with the entire group of JGR employees and drivers.  Obviously, there was no way I could turn it down, so I decided last Friday to go to Kansas Speedway with my neighbor (it’s only about 3 hours from my house) and then fly back to Huntersville, NC, on the JGR plane after the Nationwide race.  I was able to hang out on pit road with the #18 crew during the race and try to learn some things from them.  It was really cool flying back on the private plane, too.  It was my second time doing it, and it’s always a lot of fun.

On Sunday, I was beat, so pretty much just relaxed and watched the Cup race on TV.

Monday was team photo day and it was exciting!  It’s really neat to see just how many employees JGR has.  After that was done, I had the opportunity to do some pit practice with the #11 Cup team.  I guess you can say that I got to drive my first COT Cup car (around a parking lot), but it was still very cool.

After some pit practice, I was able to go hang out with my buddy Ryan Truex, because he was staying at Martin’s house before heading home on Tuesday.  Overall, it was another important, but fun, experience that I had the chance to take part in. I’m bummed that race season for me is over, but am so excited about some of the opportunities I can have in the off season.

Until next week, I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day long weekend!



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