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Hey, fans!

It has been a few weeks since we raced, and it is nice to have one last break before the run for the Championship in September, but I really wish we had more races scheduled, especially since we have been running so strong.  Even though I am not racing a NASCAR K&N Pro Series East car this month, I’m still trying to learn and improve as a driver.

Off the track, I have been working in the shop with the MWR team daily.  When I first came into the shop, I did a lot of the “grunt” work for the team, and now I am responsible for a lot more of the mechanical side of the cars.  It has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about the characteristics of the cars and how they operate.  Without a doubt, working in MWR’s shop is helping me on the track.  It also helps me bond with the entire MWR crew by spending more time with them.  The chemistry with the team is crucial, and we are communicating better than ever.

I also made it out onto the track last week in a Cup car at Rockingham (NC) for a MWR test.  It was my second test in a Cup car (other than for pit practice), but the first time at a big speedway where I could really feel and appreciate the full power of the car.  Rockingham is one tough track.  You have to hit your marks perfectly to record a good lap.  The tires wear so quickly at Rockingham that lap times drop off during the run, and the car can quickly become a handful.  

The biggest thing I’m learning is communication.  It all boils down to that, because if you can’t communicate with the team and accurately inform them of how the car is running, you will most likely never be fast.  My East Series crew chief (Mike Greci) was pleased with how well I communicated with the Cup team, so that was reassuring.  I think the test went very well, and I hope to have the honor of doing more testing for them in the future.

In other off-track news, I celebrated my 19th birthday a week ago.  It was a little weird not being at home to celebrate with my parents, but my girlfriend did a nice job of surprising me with a party, so it was a good time and something new.

Just to remind everyone -- please vote daily for NASCAR’s most popular driver in the K&N Pro Series East.  I would greatly appreciate your support!  You can vote once each day from as many different computers/smart phones as you have!  The link to the voting page is:

I’ll do my best to write again before September.  That will be a crazy month, but I can’t wait for it!  In the meantime, enjoy the summer and have some fun!



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