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Posted by BMR in Brett Moffitt Racing on 3/16/2011
Hi, everyone! Things have been progressing very well for me in NC. I am all settled after the move and am enjoying living on my own. I have set a nice routine by working in the mornings at the Michael Waltrip Racing shop and then working with the team’s trainer in the afternoon to help increase my endurance. I have really been getting to know and bond with a lot of the MWR crewmembers, and I feel like we have great chemistry heading into the start of the season.
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Posted by BMR in Brett Moffitt Racing on 10/11/2010
Hey everyone, how’s it going? Well, I had a great weekend and week. JGR called to ask me to go to the shop on Monday to take team photos with the entire group of JGR employees and drivers. Obviously, there was no way I could turn it down, so I decided last Friday to go to Kansas Speedway with my neighbor (it’s only about 3 hours from my house) and then fly back to Huntersville, NC, on the JGR plane after the Nationwide race. I was able to hang out on pit road with the #18 crew during the race and try to learn some things from them. It was really cool flying back on the private plane, too. It was my second time doing it, and it’s always a lot of fun.
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